Submitting files for printing | Configuring a virtual plotter | Creating a plot file

Submitting files for printing

You can submit .plt, .pdf, and .dwg files to have your drawings printed. Our preference is that you submit plot (.plt) files.

.plt Files

- Faster to print
- Automated collating
- Plans can be enlarged and reduced to scale
- Plans can be emailed, burned onto a CD, and archived

.PDF Files

- More time consuming to open and print, increasing the cost

.DWG Files

- Least desirable file type
- Printer cannot read .dwg files
- Must be converted to a .plt file before printing
- Additional $5.00 charge


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Configuring a virtual plotter

Before you can create a plot (.plt) file from your AutoCAD 2000/2992 drawing, you'll need to configure a virtual system plotter on your computer. The following instructions will guide you through the process:

  1. In AutoCad, click FILE, then click Plotter Manager.
  2. The Plotter Manager window will open. Double click Add-a-Plotter Wizard.
  3. The Introduction page will open. Click NEXT.
  4. The Begin page will open. Select My Computer and click NEXT.
  5. The Plotter Model window will open. Under Manufacturer, select HP. Under Models, select any DesignJet 750C Model. They should all work.
  6. A Driver Information message will appear. Click CONTINUE.
  7. The Import Pcp or Pc2 window will open. Click NEXT.
  8. The Ports window will open. Select Plot To File on the upper right side. Click NEXT.
  9. The Plotter Name window will open. Give it a descriptive name such as "Andrews Blueprint Plot File Plotter." Click NEXT.
  10. The Finish window will open. Click FINISH.

The plotter has been added to AutoCad.

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Creating a plot file

Using the virtual plotter that you just configured, follow these instructions to create a .plt file:

  1. With your drawing open and ready to plot, click on the Plot icon, just as though you were going to plot to a plotter. Or you can click FILE, then select PLOT.
  2. The Plot window will open. Two tabs, the Plot Device tab and the Plot Settings tab, will appear. Click Plot Device.
  3. In Plotter Configuration, click on the plotter selection pull-down menu and highlight the plotter that you just configured.
  4. The .plt file will be created and saved in the same location as the drawing file.
  5. Click Plot Settings to set the paper size, choose the plotting window, and scale.
  6. Click Full Preview to check the layout.
  7. When everything is complete, click OK. The drawing will be plotted to a file.

    For further instructions on setting up your drawings to plot, refer to your AutoCad manual.


If you have any questions, please contact us at 831-424-0331 or

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