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Salinas, Calif. - August 14, 2003: Andrews Blueprint, Inc. acquires Toadnetworks Inc.

Andrews Blueprint Inc., technology leader in digital printing in the Salinas and Monterey Bay Area, and Nancy Thomsen, President of Andrews Blueprint, Inc. has purchased Toadnetworks. Management and operating staff is slated to remain unchanged and no reduction in force is scheduled at this time.

Quoted in regards to the acquisition of Toadnetworks Nancy Thomsen states " Toadnetworks has already proven themselves as a quality provider of Web and Domain hosting, as well as on and off-site network support services. I believe Toadnetworks can become a major player in the world of computer network service providers".

Christoph Dilley, current manager of network engineering sates " This is a really positive step for our company. We feel we can add value to Andrews Blueprint by providing them with the ability to offer pioneer networking, web hosting and offsite server hosting, something that is greatly lacking in the Monterey Bay area, and even throughout California" "Large companies" Christoph adds, " have had the resources to provide themselves with reliable and cost-effective networking, but until now, the small business or even individual consumer has been unable to find this same level of service for their computing and networking needs".

For information on hosting your web-site and internet domain (, or if you are looking for a truly business-grade solution to host your business servers, or if you are in need of services for your small business or home networking projects, contact Christoph Dilley at (408) 832-4242.

About Andrews Blueprint, Inc.
Since it was developed in the 1840's, blueprinting has been an invaluable aid to the technology, development and growth of our nation. Engineering firms, architects, surveyors and construction companies in the area have learned to rely on Andrews Blueprint for our blueprinting and drafting needs.

Established in 1962 and located in Salinas California, our family owned and operated business is one of the foremost blueprinting firms throughout the Monterey Peninsula. President Nancy Thomsen has consistently been a leader in the printing and reprographics market by adding new technology and up-to-date services including pick-up and delivery in Salinas and the Monterey Peninsula. Our dedication to detail, accuracy and customer support has earned us a reputation that is unequaled in the business community.

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